Vacations are relaxing, but not if you’re stressed about ruining a healthy regimen! To keep wholesome routines intact, Alison Sweeney, the actress, mother, and host of the TV show “The Biggest Loser,” has given us her 10 best tips for staying in shape while traveling.

Alison’s Tips and Tricks for Traveling on a Diet:

1.    Always stretch after a flight. When you’ve been sitting and tense that long, your muscles can get tighter than ever. I like to do a few quick yoga poses when I get where I’m going, just to reset and prepare for the day.

2.    Don’t skip the cocktails, just the sugary ones. Margaritas have tons of calories, but I’ve discovered you can order a really nice sipping tequila with a little bit of lime or lemon juice and a little agave. It’s less caloric but still delicious.

3.    Skip the waffle maker at the hotel breakfast bar. Mix in a few berries and cinnamon with Greek yogurt, and it feels like a treat!

4.    Use the coffee maker if you’re staying somewhere without a complimentary breakfast. My go-to meal in the mornings at home is oatmeal with agave and cinnamon, and you can make it in your hotel room using the hot water from the Mr. Coffee machine.

5.    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Flying dehydrates you. When you’re rushing from place to place, it’s easy to forget the H2O. Make an effort to drink a glass of water every hour.

6.    Sightsee while you sweat. I like to go for a five- to six-mile run first thing in the morning when I’m in a new city. The view always beats the one from a hotel treadmill!

7.    Sleep. One thing I’ve learned to never underestimate is the importance of sleep. Avoid using any electronics right before bed — the bright screens keep you awake! — and make seven to eight hours of shuteye a priority.

Alison is a fan of SleepIQ by Sleep Number which monitors your heart rate, breathing rate, and movement to ensure a good night’s sleep.”

8.    Before you eat out, scan the menu online. Familiarize yourself with all the healthy possibilities, so you don’t feel rushed and choose the first tasty thing you see when it’s your turn to order.

9.    Treat your exercise like it’s a vacation in itself. I used to tell myself, “I’m on vacation, I don’t have to work out.” Now, I look at it as “I can sleep in and still have time for a yoga class!”

10.  Relax. If you don’t stick to your normal fitness and diet plan 100 percent, that’s totally normal on a trip or vacation. If you can incorporate fitness into each day in some way and eat a majority of your meals in a health-conscious way, that’s something to feel good about.