Cozily located between Pompano and Sheepshead St., the South Padre Island Migratory Sanctuary has been underdone revitalization over the past two years, but now, the sanctuary is hoping to bring in volunteers.

If you take a stroll down to the sanctuary, operated by the Valley Land Fund, you will notice orange halves placed at various trees throughout the perimeter. Responsible for that act is Darrell Mangham, a volunteer and avid sanctuary admirer who is also currently running for Commissioner, Place 4 for the City of Port Isabel. Mangham said he visits the sanctuary daily at sunrise and in the afternoon to replace the oranges.

Though the sanctuary has been in place for about 16 years, local groups and volunteers got together about two years ago to revitalize the location.

“It hadn’t been maintained much over that first 13-14 years. Local groups, volunteers got together about two years ago, about 14-15 of us and we cleaned it all up,” said Mangham.

“But we realized it was beyond the scope of 15 ragtag volunteers. So, this year we realized we need to hire or acquire more help.”

Mangham said there are currently four volunteers who assist with the sanctuary but is hoping that more will join and donate their time and energy.

Further, a total of 11 beds” have been created and added to the sanctuary, each one filled with flowering plants, shade trees, and some even with watering holes. Mangham said individuals or groups are welcome to adopt the beds to maintain.

“We’d love to have individuals or groups adopt a small section, something that they can manage at their convenience and at their own schedule,” he said. “We’re not telling them how and when they need to do stuff, but it’s something they can do at their own convenience and landscape to their heart’s delight.”

Adopting a bed is free; however, the sanctuary does accept donations.