Cameron County officials plan to move forward with upgrades to county parks along the beaches. Included in the master plan is the creation of a multimillion dollar amphitheater to have tourist view Space X launches. We asked, what is being done today?

Early this year Cameron County commissioner’s court approved 23 million dollars to improve coastal amenities along the gulf. In short, this means the parks along South Padre Island are getting improvements. County Parks Director Joe Vega says, “They’re much needed improvements. Our pavilions were built in the early nineties. We have restrooms that have been here since the mid to late 70’s. One of the first upgrades will be in beach access 5. Currently the pavilion is closed. The plan is to take it down and build 5 more pavilions in its place. Construction for this phase is said to start in the next few months.

“Along with the new pavilions that we’re going to build,” says Vega, “southWe’re going to build new restrooms. We’re going to build some community ring stations, some new boardwalks to take you to the beach [and] we’re going to Another initiative that is part of the master plan is right here at Isla Park where an Amphitheater is planned ready for space x. The amphitheater be facing Boca Chica beach, and some of the neglected areas in Dolphin cove will likely be demolished. “This will be a great place to view the rocket launches. We would like to have musicals there, concerts and theater,” says Vega.

Tourist Eduardo Flores comments, “to actually see a rocket launch up and watch it on orbit is going to be interesting to watch. It’s basically watching history in the making.” The Amphitheater is not included in the 23 million dollar approval, but it is part of the overall plan for construction. All changes are said to be made with durable materials with the hopes they will last over 30 years.

“South Padre Island is a popular area. So having one here will bring revenue for the island,” says Flores.  Along with improvements to county parks, Beach Access 4 is about to unveil a boardwalk. The boardwalk is said to help preserve the dunes and create easy access to the beach especially for handicapped individuals.

By Alfredo Cuadros