Clayton Breasher, owner of Clayton’s Beach Bar & Grill on South Padre Island, says he’s excited as his highly anticipated fishing pier project moves forward.

In 2016, Basher announced an expansion of his beach venue that would include a fishing pier.

Brashear says visiting several piers throughout the country is what convinced him to build his very own, with the overall goal of creating business year-round for the island.

Something the city has supported since the start.

“The idea is that it’ll bring more tourism to the South Padre Island, ” Brashear said.

At the moment, Brashear is in the engineering phase of the project. Once that is completed, he will take it to the city for approval before moving on to the construction phase.

South Padre Island City Manager Susan Guthrie says since the announcement, city staff has helped with area zoning and annexing to help get that approved.

“In terms of what the city needs to do, we have done all of our processes,” Guthrie said. “When [Brashear] actually goes to start building, he’ll need to put a building permit. But, other than that his work with the city is pretty much wrapped up.”

Not all are in favor of the project, as some are concerned about trash, shoreline erosion and possible shark attacks.

However, the city has conducted research and assures residents and visitors that this will be a postie asset to the island.

by Abril Preciado