Heavy rains across the Rio Grande Valley prompted a coastal flood advisory over the weekend. Areas of South Padre Island along Padre Blvd. were reportedly flooded due to heavy rains that pummeled Cameron County over the weekend.
According to Erin Billings, meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Brownsville, the Port Isabel-Bayview area received 7.48 inches of rain over the weekend and South Padre Island received 4.41 inches of rain.
Port Isabel City Manager Edward P. Meza said that the public library did experience some of the effects of those heavy downpours.
“We had some damage in the library,” said Meza, further explaining that it’s believed water leaked through a crack or an opening in the wall, “because it seeped through on one side, and it wet some of the ceiling tiles.”
The tiles, damaged by the water “came down,” according to Meza. The city manager said that there was no damage to books, because the affected area was away from such parts of the library.
The damage was minor, and Meza informed the PRESS that the library remains open. Meza said he heard reports that some homes did receive damage. Port Isabel’s drainage system played a part in minimizing flooding and further potential damage, according to Meza.
“We have a … good drainage system here,” explained Meza, saying that it worked well. “It (just) goes back to the bay,” said Meza, adding, “Other than that, I didn’t hear anything city-2wise, or commercial that went on.”

Jacob Lopez