They say it takes a village, but in this case, it takes an Island, to help those fighting breast cancer in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

For 15 years now, a large contingent of dedicated volunteers on South Padre Island have worked tirelessly to provide financial aid and support to individuals afflicted with breast cancer. What started as a small group of friends coming to the aid of a dear friend in her battle against the disease, has since evolved into a weekend of celebration, remembrance and fundraising to help numerous men and women conquer breast cancer.

Ana Maria Leos was once a donation recipient from Walk for Women (W4W), and though she doesn’t speak English, she expressed her gratitude via translation by her niece, Patricia Rogers. “I appreciate how much this event helps women with cancer,” said the sweet, elderly woman, her lined face breaking into a shy smile as she shared her thoughts.

Leos’ family travelled from Nashville, Tennessee to participate in this year’s fundraiser, with her son and grandson making their yearly donation of a pair of tickets to a Dallas Cowboys football game. Their family’s donation alone raises $4,000 for W4W.