Laguna Vista has a habit of caring for its community. It cares about the community and even the pets that reside there.
In keeping with its “caring” endeavors, this idyllic bayside town has launched a new program to instill good qualities in pet owners and in pets.
Laguna Vista will be conducting a month-long initiative titled Laguna Vista CARES “About Its Pets” to be held during March to raise awareness about pets and to educate the local residents on the importance of being responsible pet owners.
Town officials also will be using the initiative to encourage pet owners to spay, neuter, collar/ID and microchip their pets.
This initiative stems from elevated incidents of loose or unleashed dogs.
“We know most of these dogs have owners,” City Manager Rolando Vela said.
To prevent undue harm to the animals and sorrow for the owner, owners are encouraged to be more responsible with their pets.