The historic 75th Texas International Fishing Tournament is in the record books, and this year’s Bay Grand Champion is Captain Todd Casey who fishes out of Port Isabel and South Padre Island.
If you are wondering how the Bay Grand Champ was celebrating the morning after his historic win…well, he was back on the bay fishing with his son Nolan.

Captain Todd Casey says, “Yeah, Nolan has been fishing with me three or four years now in the TIFT tournament.”
And if you ask nine-year-old Nolan how long he and this dad have been fishing together he has a ready reply.
Nolan Casey says, “Since I was four.”

We are back at Todd’s favorite trout hole, and it doesn’t take long for him to set the hook on a solid speck.
Captain Casey says, “Pretty good trout I think.”

Not quite a tournament size fish, but very tasty table fare.After landing a few more solid trout, Todd reflects on just how many years he has been fishing TIFT and how great it is to finally win.
Captain Todd Casey says, “Since I was in Jr. High I guess…teenager. I have had some good days and a lot of bad days, but this is the first time I have ever had a chance to win…I did, that was cool.”

After father and son catch several more dinner size trout a tournament worthy one is on. Todd skillfully works the fish to the boat, and soon lifts the 28-inch beauty from the water.

Captain Casey says, “This is the kind of one you want in a tournament.”

But this is not a tournament, and Todd gives the trophy trout to Nolan to release.
Nolan says, “We need time for it to grow for next TIFT.”

Captain Casey says, “I am sure he will have some great memories, and I will too.”

Richard Moore