A fascinating harmonization of astrology and art was on display at the South Padre Island Event Center this past Friday under an appropriately starry night. Renowned Mexican sculptor Sebastain and representatives of NASA Gobbard Space Flight Center took their audience through scientific and imaginative interpretations of the celestial sky.
The Sebastian Zodiac Sculpture Exhibit was opened with Dr. Joan Centrella, Deputy Director of the Astrophysics Science Division, and Michael Johnson, Chief Technologists of Applied Engineering and Technology, taking the audience on a visual tour of the cosmos. Dr. Centrella’s presentation focused on recent astrological findings and future aspirations for space exploration, while Johnson’s focused on the technological aspects, specifically the amount of precision needed for him and his colleagues tasked with creating machines capable of viewing and exploring the universe. Also, present were guest speakers Dr. Frederick Jenet, Director of UT Center for Advanced Radio Astronomy (CARA) and Stargate and Glenn Ellis, Science Director at Jacobs.
Sebastian’s steel sculptures are comprised of interpretations of 12 astrological signs scattered at various locations on South Padre Island. The towering works are colorful and abstract, and are a sight that further distinguishes the Laguna Madre area as exceptionally aesthetic, both geographically and artistically.
Estevan Medrano