– $1 million in prizes are being offered during the 29th annual Coastal Conservation Association State of Texas Anglers Rodeo or STAR Tournament that runs from May 26 thru September 3.

60 tagged redfish were recently released statewide, and nine of the prize reds were turned loose right here in the Lower Laguna Madre.

Dylan Sassman, Assistant Director CCA STAR Tournament says, “On these redfish the first five winners will each receive a brand new Ford F-150, towing a 23-foot Haynie Bigfoot, Mercury motor on the back and a coastline trailer. The next five winners will have to provide their own truck, but I think pretty much anybody can find a buddy to tow home their new prize boat and take them fishing a couple of times a year.”

In addition to the chance of catching a tagged redfish and winning a truck, boat, motor and trailer worth $85,000, there are also prizes and scholarships for the largest trout, flounder and many other bay and offshore species.

Sassman, “Last year, the past year we had 19 total tagged redfish caught with only nine claiming prizes because they weren’t entered. Get entered, get your fishing insurance or like I said you will be eating $85,000 filets.”

If you would like to register for this year’s tournament then all Academy stores can help you out or go to www.startournament.org

Sassman, “We are about to put about $85,000 in the water. Just one little fish…Got to get entered and sign up for STAR. Get your CCA membership for $35 and your STAR entry for $25 and turn one of these little redfish, that little bitty red tag coming out the back into $85,000 worth of truck and boat.”