Mayor Dennis Stahl’s State of the Island address was sizzling.

Stahl spoke about the Island’s big moves in 2017 and what is to come now that he is mayor.

“This address is a quick glimpse of what we have in store for the Island,” Stahl said yesterday in his address. “I will dedicate myself for what is right for SPI.”

Stahl highlighted the Island’s hot topics from its economic wealth, last year’s big projects and what the city leaders and administration are aiming for in 2018.

“What they have accomplished in the past year has been tremendous and we want to be part of the plans for 2018,” said Roxanne Ray, Island Chamber of Commerce president.

More than 100 people attended the State of the Island speech sponsored by the Chamber, Brisky & Perez Insurance Agency and the Hilton Garden Inn.

“We are all excited about researching the idea of using the Island as a cruise line Port of Call,” Ray said.

The city dove into looking at their options to make the Island a cruise line ship destination last month.

“I’m excited about 2018 and the future of the Island that the mayor and council has envisioned for us,” said Paul Gifford, an Island resident and real estate agent. “Things are going to look positive for the years to come.”

He also agreed the possibility of the Island becoming a port of call for cruise ships is very exciting, along with the opportunities SpaceX can bring to the Island.

“I’m in this position to get things done,” Stahl said. “You can’t get anything done without trying.”

By RAUL GARCIA Staff Writer