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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Year-round this seaside community attracts many tourists and is home to several permanent and seasonal residents.

And as the city enters its next fiscal year, its city officials traditionally reflect on its past achievements and discuss what’s in store.

On Tuesday, the SPI Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual “State of the Island Address” during its quarterly Public Affairs Luncheon.

Close to 110 city, county, state, PI-ISD school district officials and Chamber of Commerce members, attended the luncheon.

“This event is great because it brings together a diverse group of leaders and business community,” South Padre Island Chamber of Commerce President Roxanne Ray said. “It’s a great networking event and we’re always happy to host it.”

South Padre Island Mayor Patrick McNulty kicked off the luncheon by reflecting on the city’s accomplishments in the 2018-2019 fiscal year and gave updates on various items such as the Venue Tax Projects.

“There are many projects that will focus on the comprehensive plan, which will create a shared vision that will help guide future actions of the city for years to come,” McNulty stated in a pamphlet of the 2018-2019 annual report. “We continue to address the needs for Laguna Boulevard to be reconstructed and are currently surveying the boulevard and the design phase this spring.”

In the works is the PR 100, Median Boardwalk and Sidewalk Improvement Project, which was approved by voters on Nov. 8, 2016 to help improve vehicle and pedestrian mobility along Padre Boulevard.

The project began in January 2020 and will range from design to full replacement with a new structural system including pavement, improved drainage, sidewalks and accessibility ramps.

It is funded through the Venue Tax Funds and is estimated to cost $7.5 million.

“Currently, we have several venue tax and city infrastructure projects underway such as Padre Boulevard medians, boardwalk and sidewalk improvement projects,” McNulty said during the luncheon. “I’d like for you to know that the city staff is working with contractors to halt construction during peak times and major holidays.”

Another project in the works that’s also being funded through the Venue Tax is a Quite Water Sports Park.

Last year, city officials signed a property lease to develop an area that would be designated for the wind and water sports park, which will include restroom facilities, parking spaces and launch sites for paddle boarders, kayaks and wind surfers.

The project will be discussed during a city council meeting Wednesday starting at 5:30 p.m.

Additionally, city officials are in the process of completing phase II of the Tompkins Park project, are working with Cameron County officials to look into the possibility of bringing cruise ships to the Island and are hoping to join the Metropolitan Planning Organizations to develop a second causeway.

“I’d like to thank city council and staff for their hard work and dedication,” McNulty said during the luncheon. “The last six months have been a challenging yet rewarding experience. I look forward to continuing working with my friends on council to move our Island toward completing infrastructure projects.”



GENERAL FUND — 6.76 percent increase in sales tax revenue

CONVENTION CENTRE FUND — 3.07 percent increase in hotel occupancy tax revenue

EXCESS RESERVES — $2 million in the general fund

TAX RATE — 32 cents


Visit www.myspi.opengov.com to view the Financial Performance Portal.