A colorful cast of characters will take the stage on South Padre Island this weekend as comedian and ventriloquist Marc Rubben performs at Harpoon’s Surf Bar & Grill.
Rubben combines his unique stand-up comedy routine with onstage audience participation as he brings to life his supporting case of wooden performers.
“I enjoy doing a bit of stand-up to break the ice with the audience and allow them to get to know me a bit before I introduce my cast of ventriloquist characters,” he said.
Rubben gives voice to characters like a dirty old grouch, a fortune-telling Swami, a tattoo-clad redneck and others including his newest character Nash the Hippy. There’s also a drawing that magically comes to life.
Members of the audience are invited to join the show wearing a mask that transforms them into a hilarious human dummy.
“I always involve the audience in my show to give them a true live comedy experience and I enjoy improvising whenever possible,” he said.
He is a popular sea-going entertainer on Carnival Cruise Lines and has played large casinos and resorts throughout the country, but his first love in performing in smaller clubs.
“My love is still in the freedom of the club atmospheres,” he said.
“There is something about connecting with a group of regular people in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is there because they love to laugh.”
During the winter months Rubben often takes his show to the slopes at premier ski resorts in the United States and Canada, where he can also indulge in his passion for snow boarding.
Rubben’s Island performance will be Saturday, April 26 at 8 p.m. Tickets are available at Harpoon’s Surf Bar & Grill on Amberjack St.