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Horseback Riding in South Padre Island

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When you live near the beach, you’re bound to do some regular water activities like surfing, swimming, sailing, jet skiing, boating, kayaking, and much more. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do a unique activity at the shore that is close to water, yet away from it? For example, how about horseback riding in South Padre Island along shore? Yes, this fun-filled family-friendly is possible in South Padre Island, Texas.

Get Ready for an Incredible Activity with Fantastic Memories

South Padre Island, Texas is known for its white sandy beaches and warm water. It is a vibrant four-season destination where you can find activities for the entire family. For horseback riding in South Padre Island options, you can check out the rides offered by South Padre Island Adventure Park. There are different choices offered at different times of day, each offering a unique experience to admire the scenic beauty of the sand, waves, and sky.

If welcoming the sun in the morning while riding on a horseback sounds like the perfect plan to start your day, you can opt for the Morning Special Horseback Ride for a cost of $129. Conducted over 1.5 hours, this ride allows you to see the changing colors of the sky while they reflect beautiful colors on the waves. You can expect a quieter time with little to no visitors on the beach, allowing you to feel one with the landscape. This family-friendly activity is perfect for kids above 6 years of age and the maximum weight limit is 300 pounds. The helpful guides and experts on the tour can help you to get on the horse and also guide you throughout the ride. An early morning ride can ensure a fantastic start and also free up your time for other activities on the island.

For families with young kids or travelers with a time crunch, the company offers the Family Favorite Horseback Ride conducted either in the morning or afternoon depending on the season and time of the year. It is conducted for one hour for a cost of $99, where you can admire the waves while riding on the horse over the white sandy shore.

The Spectacular Sunset Ride describes the experience perfectly where you can watch a stunning sunset, witness the changing colors of the sky and waves, and uniquely explore the island. During the 90-minute ride, you will go from the Gulf of Mexico to the Laguna Madre Bay while crossing dunes to reach a remote part of the island. Enjoy the sight of dunes and get a chance to spot wildlife along the way. The cost of the ride is $149, and the timing is adjusted to match the time of sunset during different seasons of the year. This ride is perfect for a romantic couple or a family with older kids to appreciate the beautiful sunset.

Another special ride option is the Moonlight Horseback Ride, where you’ll get the opportunity to admire the spectacular sight of a full moon. The ride is conducted four days before and during the full moon for 90 minutes, perfect for the entire family. During the ride, you’ll go over the dunes while moving from the Gulf of Mexico to Laguna Madre. The timing would depend on the season and time of moonrise. It is recommended to dress in layers or carry a jacket for chilly evenings and to wear comfortable footwear so it doesn’t fall off in the dark. With such incredible choices of horseback rides, you can appreciate the beauty of South Padre Island in a unique way.

Another company that offers horseback beach and bay rides, polo, and riding lessons, and many other workshops on safety, grooming, and general care of horses is the South Padre Island Equestrian and Polo Center. You can opt for small and personalized rides with your family and enjoy the landscape in a fun way.

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