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Lots for Sale in Laguna Vista

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Laguna Vista lies strategically on the coastal part of South Texas, west of the Gulf of Mexico. The town also features a scenic landscape and excellent residential homes that offer homeowners a suburban feel. You can own one of the exceptional properties in Laguna Vista to enjoy the perks of living in this sparsely populated locale. For those planning to relocate to this area, fret not, as we have lots for sale in Laguna Vista, from multifamily residences to single-family homes. Apart from the scenic landscape and excellent housing, here’s why you should consider relocating to Laguna Vista. 

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Lots for Sale in Laguna Vista

The scenic South Texas coastline boasts impressive landscapes full of unmatched adventures. This part of Texas features areas offering these fun-filled adventures, such as fantastic golf courses, state parks, and the fish-rich Gulf of Mexico, making this region ideal for residing or vacation. Laguna Vista, which lies in this part of Texas, is one of the towns that embodies such diversity. On top of that, the town also has manageable cost of living, ranking 14 percent lower than the national average. Such an excellent rating stems from numerous factors, primarily affordable public transport, gas, and grocery prices. 

Laguna Vista’s commendable public transport system is remarkable due to the town’s excellent infrastructure. To boost the town’s economy, the government awards Laguna Vista grants that target its infrastructure every year. Such subventions help improve the area’s wastewater treatment system and roads. These infrastructure improvements go a long way in enhancing the area’s accessibility and living conditions. Thanks to this enhancement, you can quickly get to any part of the town and its environs, whether by non-motorized means or motorized transportation. Besides that, the excellent infrastructure helps to attract investors, a move that ultimately boosts the economy of the communities living in Laguna Vista. 

Affordable healthcare is another factor that places Laguna Vista above most Texas towns. Numerous healthcare facilities in the area offer services worth your buck and time. From health clinics to home care services for seniors, Laguna Vista ensures that it caters to all ages, whether young or old. And since healthcare is 17 percent lower than the national average, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay vast amounts when seeking medication in this town. Besides that, the area’s authorities go out of their way to ensure a clean, hazard-free, and safe environment for the communities living in and around Laguna Vista. 

Like the town’s healthcare and cost of living, the crime levels in Laguna Vista are also low compared to the national average. According to statistics, the crime rate in the area is 12.2 percent lower than the national average. The property crime rates are also relatively low, with the town experiencing a rating that is 14.8 percent lower than the national average. Homeowners with the necessary home security systems admit to experiencing very few property crime incidents. You can install a reputable home security system for extra protection. Laguna Vista Police Department is also a dial away and works around the clock to ensure a safe environment for residents. 

Education in Laguna Vista is also relatively excellent, with the town experiencing remarkable graduation rates. From a statistical perspective, these ratings are slightly higher than those of other areas under the Brownsville-Harlingen Metropolitan. The ratio of teachers to students is also exceptional compared to other Texas towns. Such an impressive ratio is hard to come by in other areas.  

More Than Enough to Keep You Engaged

Since it’s close to the magnificent Gulf of Mexico, Laguna Vista promises adventure all year. You can try fishing the rich waters of the Gulf of Mexico for the finest catches on the coast of South Texas. Besides fishing, you can try other water activities such as diving, swimming, boating, and snorkeling. The fascinating state parks near the town also offer the perfect setup for outdoor activities like hiking, birdwatching, and sightseeing. For golfing enthusiasts, Laguna Vista got you covered, thanks to the world-class golf courses around the area. 

Since Laguna Vista has a diverse population, its cuisine features a wide range of tantalizing flavors. You can check out the restaurants in the central district to try seafood, mouthwatering Mexican treats, and tasty American snacks. There are also events throughout the year that commemorate different celebrations. You can join other residents during these events to celebrate and connect. 

Own a Home in Laguna Vista

Texas is famous for having a deep history, diverse cultures, and incredible natural features that sprawl across the state. These aspects make relocating to this state worth the try. Laguna Vista is one of the state’s towns with such elements, experiencing an influx of new residents thanks to its living conditions, opportunities, and security. Contact us today to purchase your new Laguna Vista lot and enjoy the serene South Texas coast. 

Lots for Sale in Laguna Vista

  • What is the nearest airport to Laguna Vista?

    The nearest airport for domestic and international flights is Brownsville/South Padre International Airport, located at a distance of 28 miles from Laguna Vista. The next nearest airport is Valley International Airport, located 34 miles away, and the General Servando Canales International Airport is located 36 miles from Laguna Vista.

  • What are some must-visit attractions in Laguna Vista?

    You can head to South Padre Island to explore the local flora and fauna at the South Padre Island and Birding Center. The Laguna Madre Nature trail features a boardwalk where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll. The Sea Turtle Inc. is a family-friendly destination where you can learn about the habitat of sea turtles. You can also see conservation efforts of sea turtles from all over the world.

  • Where can you go shopping in Laguna Vista?

    You can find many grocery stores in Port Isabel. For a variety of items including clothes, electronics, toys, home goods, furniture, and other shopping needs, you can head to South Padre Island. Padre Boulevard is where you’ll find a variety of boutiques, local stores, art galleries, and other retail stores. The street is lined with stores selling home goods, beach accessories, beachwear, towels, jewelry, souvenirs, printed t-shirts, and seashells. For another spot selling a wide variety of beach wear, you can visit the Ocean Palm Shopping Center. South Padre Island Farmers’ Market is an excellent destination for local produce, fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, and other local items.

  • What are some of the locations of lots in Laguna Vista?

    One of the most exclusive and excellent locations is the lot on the SPI Golf community, offering panoramic views of the Laguna Madre Bay. Another spot is the lot in Paradise Cove, which offers a bay view and access to community amenities like landscaped common areas, a large infinity pool, a fitness center, and gated access.