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What separates us from the rest….

With over sixty years of experience under our belts, Franke Realty is the ideal property management company to help your investment on South Padre Island turn the profit you need! We have been instrumental in the development of South Padre Island; and as the island has grown, so has our reputation! We specialize in: Sales, Development and all types of First Class vacation rentals. We are eager to help your portfolio live up to its true potential.

This multi-level approach to property management assures you peace of mind. No more will you have to juggle the various aspects of Screening potential renters, Maximizing bookings or Keeping a property clean and your renters happy. Leave that all up to us! We’ll have every aspect of your property running smoothly.



service backed with intergrity

We offer a property management service backed with integrity. Our services offer to follow through on every level of the management process; from property upkeep to housekeeping to guest retention, we make sure to keep your property front and center for years to come!

Hospitality, customer service, concierge service

We at Franke Realty are devoted to quality of life with our property management services. We are focused on attention to detail and personal relationships with both the property managers and guests we serve. This includes extensive concierge and customer services.

top rental income

Our services also ensure that your property gives the best returns possible. We’re constantly developing new strategies designed to maximize ROI on your South Padre Island real estate. Marketing in the vacation rental industry is an ever-shifting landscape, but with our six decades of experience, we are well prepared to take on any challenge as it comes to us to ensure the best property management experience you can have on South Padre Island.

Luxury Island Experiences

Visitors to your rentals will receive access to a wide variety of luxury island experiences, ensuring a vacation that is memorable both inside their vacation rental and out. By building this personal relationship with visitors we ensure guest retention is high and that travelers to South Padre Island will be coming back to your property year after year.

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Worry-Free with Franke Realty

Buying a property as a future vacation rental investment is a daunting process. From getting eyes on said property to upkeeping and maintaining a positive renter experience, it is a lot for a single property owner to handle sometimes. That’s where we at Franke Realty come in to help! With our wide variety of property management skills honed over sixty years in the industry, we can handle everything from housekeeping to creating new strategies for the best ROI on your property. Contact us today to learn about how we can make your property live up to its full potential on South Padre Island!

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We have special introductory rates and are able to customize our services to meet your specific property management needs. We have built a reputation offering first class hospitality to owners and guests alike. We look forward to hearing from you. Call Franke, Realtors today for a no obligation consultation at 956-761-2606 or email us at info@frankerealtors.com