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Sailing in South Padre Island

While surfing, swimming, or jet skiing are solo activities, there are several other adventures that you can enjoy with the entire family. If you’re excited about getting out on the water, you can explore sailing in South Padre Island as one such family-friendly adventure. Not only will you get a chance to explore the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre Bay, but you can also see sea animals and birds, admire the sight of the sky and waves during sunset or sunrise, and capture lots of pictures.

Connect with the Water While Sailing in South Padre Island

Sailing in South Padre Island gives you the opportunity to appreciate the natural wonders of water while being right at the center of it. You can opt for a special sailing tour like a sunset dinner cruise or lunch cruise offered by Southern Wave. As a family-owned and operated business since 2006, this company offers plenty of fun sailing options suitable for members of all age groups. The sunset dinner cruise is a two-hour-long ride where you get to admire a breathtaking sight while relishing a hearty meal with your loved ones. You can enjoy the bay, island, and sunset views and also capture all these incredible memories for a lifetime. The lunch cruise is also conducted for a duration of two hours for a relaxing meal with great water views. If you’d like to enjoy a moonlight dinner cruise while viewing the bright moonlight on a romantic evening, you can opt for this option too.

Whether you pick the morning, afternoon, or evening cruise, you can look forward to relishing a great meal featuring locally caught seafood. During the sailing tour, you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal where the chef grills beef and chicken fajita, fish, shrimp, and many other delicious items. You can also enjoy fresh fruits, sodas, and water. Enjoy the view, relish the meal, and groove to the music of a live performance on your tour for a fantastic experience with family and friends.

Check out the fun-filled cruise options offered by Ka Motion Sailing Adventure, where enjoyment, fun, laughter, and entertainment are absolutely guaranteed. This family-owned and operated business has been operating on the island for more than 20 years and has exciting adventures perfect for the entire family. You will sail onboard a 36-foot sailing catamaran that can accommodate up to 33 passengers and three crew members.

They offer a sunset dinner cruise where you can relish a delicious meal over the waters of Laguna Madre for a duration of two hours. The delicacies are prepared by Chef Carlos Martinez, who brings his inspiration from Mexico while offering a fantastic culinary adventure for those on board. Some of the items on the menu include Grilled Flank steak of beef and chicken fajita, grilled vegetables, the crown of Polish sausage, corn tortillas, Mexican salsas, cheese, and soft drinks. For a personalized touch to celebrate a special occasion or family event, you can opt for a private sunset dinner cruise.

Enjoy Unique Experiences on South Padre Island

How about watching dolphins in action while you sail in the water? Explore the fun-filled dolphin watching trips offered by Breakaway Cruises suitable for all age groups. These eco-tours are conducted for a duration of 90 minutes while you sail across Laguna Madre. Besides watching the dolphins, you’ll get a chance to learn about the different fish species in the water that the crew members catch during the tour. If you’d like to celebrate a special event or family function, you can check out the private charters offered by Breakaway Cruises.

Another company that offers boat tours on South Padre Island is Captain Murphy’s Isla Tours. You can opt for an Eco tour where you can see sea animals, fishes, and dolphins in action. The sailing tour takes you across the Laguna Madre over a duration of 90 minutes. It is a perfect family adventure where both kids and adults can appreciate the scenic beauty of sailing in the water. You can see the bottlenose dolphins from a close distance who sail in the area almost all year round. To enjoy a spectacular sunset at the end of the tour, you can opt for the Sunset Dolphin Watch Cruise. And if you’d like to end the night with a display of fireworks, you can opt for the special fireworks cruise.

The Port of Brownsville Nature Tour is one of the most recommended activities on the island where you’ll get to see the Brownsville Channel while the boats enter into the Port of Brownsville. It occupies a major role as the only deep-water port on the U.S.-Mexico border. The tour is conducted for four hours and ends with lunch at one of the favorite lunch spots for both visitors and locals.

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