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Louie’s Backyard On Padre Island

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Seated on the foot of South Padre Island is a fine dining destination that has lived up to the billing of a luxurious beachfront. Since opening its doors back in the 70s, this restaurant has lived to become a fan-favorite spot for the incredible service they offer. From the delicious food served to the wide range of cocktails available, there is never a dull moment on this side of the island. Looking for a reliable joint in South Padre? Here’s why Louie’s Backyard on Padre Island shouldn’t miss on your list.   

Louie’s Backyard On Padre Island

If you are a foodie, Louie’s Backyard is a reliable place to put your taste buds to the test. This restaurant has conquered all imaginary boundaries as far as food is concerned. Whether you are in for seafood, steak, or pasta, you can be sure of a delicious meal here. The restaurant’s gourmet chefs do everything within their ability to ensure the food is of the best quality. Beef tenderloins, grilled pork chops, and shrimp brochette are all served fresh with customizable options available. Also, there is a kids’ menu for your juniors to explore. 

Incredible Nightlife

Louie’s Backyard is not your ordinary food joint. It is one of those joints that showcase South Padre’s incredible nightlife. It is a normal kind of establishment that comes to life during the night hours. Besides the food and drinks, there is everything else you would expect from an entertainment joint late into the night. Key among them is live music from your favorite band. Even for the music alone, you are in for an unforgettable night in Texas. It is the place to be to enjoy the best country music that the island has to offer.  

Relish the Sunset Bar

Louie’s Backyard sunset bar is not just a place to take booze. As the name suggests, it is a good place to enjoy great views of the setting sun in Texas. Downstairs is meant for your food while upstairs is best suited for you to enjoy the sun. All these incredible views of the sun come at no extra cost. Better still, you have your favorite drink at hand and the entire sea in the backdrop.  

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