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Padre Island Brewing Company

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Are you a handcrafted beer enthusiast in the majestic South Padre Island wondering where to head to and have a great time? If so, the incredible Padre Island Brewing Company is the answer. Since its establishment in 1995, this spot has quickly become popular among locals and tourists for good reasons. Oozing the serene aura you need to get the peace of mind you seek, this fantastic taproom is the perfect spot to relax. Read on to learn more about this alluring brewing company. 

Why Visit the Inviting Padre Island Brewing Company

The magnificent Padre Island Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing lagers and ales of first-rate quality and is open seven days a week. Their beers are handcrafted using only top-quality ingredients such as malted barley, purified water, hops, and yeasts. And to ensure its customers enjoy the best beer possible, brewing takes place on-site and according to demand. Additionally, with this beautiful spot featuring live music, you can expect your spirits to be uplifted as you wine and dine. 

However, besides the loved beers, there is more to what this slice of heaven offers. After a long day at work or touring South Padre Island, feeling hungry is expected. And what better place to relish a delectable meal than the lovely Padre Island Brewing Company? Whether you are craving the finest seafood on the island, a savory homemade pizza, a mouthwatering burger, or a tasty sandwich, this spot has it all to please your taste buds. You can also try the delicious soups and salads served alongside flavorful, freshly baked bread.  

The beauty of this place is that their dishes are prepared using organic produce and canola oil with zero trans fats that are cholesterol free when frying their meals. As such, you can happily savor your meal knowing that your health has been considered. And if you are a vegetarian, they have vegetarian options you can request and fill your belly. When done, there is a gift shop you can visit and buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. From t-shirts and bumper sticks to baseball caps and trucker huts, there is something you can get and leave with your heart contented. 

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