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B&S Kites On South Padre Island

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What makes South Padre the perfect escape route from the chaos of the modern world? Is it the fine white sand beaches, its exotic eateries, or the luxurious shopping experience ahead? While all these are crucial components of your adventure on the island, there is one last thing you would want to consider. It is a visit to B&S Kites on South Padre Island. As the name suggests, this is a shop that specializes in kites. It is both a family-friendly stop and a good place to rewind those childhood memories. Here’s what to expect from B&S Kites.   

Best Place to Engage the Inner Child in You

Do you recall your early childhood when you would make kites in school and fly them for fun? South Padre gives you a chance to recreate those sweet memories. Every soul harbors an inner child in them that mostly involves being playful. With your kite already set up and the wind buzzing outside, it will be hard to resist the temptation of running around as your newest toy flies high in the sky.  

Perfect for Kids

B&S Kites is a family-friendly spot where kids can go to have fun. Kites are largely associated with children, and it is among the fun things they love the most in their early stages. Instead of restricting your kids to the beach yet they may not be good swimmers, you instead have an alternative in something they enjoy. Being out there flying kites against the wind is an underrated family fun-day activity you don’t want to miss.  

Excellent Customer Service

Part of the reasons why B&S Kites is quite a unique place is its exceptional customer service. Their sales team is made of soft-spoken individuals who take you through all that the shop has in store. Apart from the pre-purchase conversations, the same team is there for you even after you have bought your kite. They assemble it for you and even demonstrate how to fly them like a pro. Better still, they have replacement services in case the product you bought has a defect. With such benefits coming from the customer team, you have every reason to visit B&S Kites the next time you are on the island.  

Make the Move to South Padre Island

South Padre is a unique island destination whose fun and thrill mean it can never be a one-day adventure. Our team at Franke Realty has done the hard job of compiling a list of select properties that can be potential homes for your move to the island. Get in touch today! 

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