City officials, administration and staff were thanked Cajun style for all their hard work they do during Spring Break.

“We are just very, very thankful that the community came together to do this event to honor and appreciate all the city employees,” said Susan Guthrie, SPI city manager. “They (city employees) have worked so hard over the last two weeks to make sure our community is clean, safe and well prepared for all the visitors.”

Thursday was the first time the community put together a luncheon for the city employees to thank them for all their hard work.

Guthrie said it was rewarding for her to see the members of the community come together to recognize and thank the staff.

The police force took some time off patrolling the beach to pull some crawfish shells off to eat with some shrimp, sausage and potatoes.

Everyone was there from the mayor on down to the beach patrol enjoying the afternoon together over a late lunch.

“We have a long Spring Break here and our police department and our beach cleanup work hard to maintain the Island and keep things in order,” said Timothy Beavers, event organizer. “Everything was donated by business owners and community members.”

He said it’s a way to thank them for what they do around this time and all year round.

“It was a pretty hectic time for them,” Beavers said. “They were definitely very busy 24 hours a day.”

The event was the first of its kind and the hope is the luncheon will continue to happen every year from now on.

“It’s so great to live in a community that cares this much,” Rod Hunter, an Island photographer, said on his

By RAUL GARCIA Staff Writer