A notice from the Federal Aviation Administration in Wednesday’s Federal Register suggests that the agency could be working on the final leg of SpaceX’s plans to develop the world’s first commercial and vertical orbital launch complex at BocaChicaBeach. Already, incentives have been secured by Elon Musk’s SpaceX and a groundbreaking ceremony has been held.
In complying with federal regulations, FAA provided notice that it would be requesting approval from the Office of Management and Budget to gather information relative to license requirements for operation of a launch site. The notice further points out that the launch site license would be valid for five years, and that the “respondents” that would be contacted in collecting information would be “approximately 1 applicant.” “The information is needed in order to demonstrate to the FAA office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA/AST) that the proposed activity meets applicable public safety, national security, and foreign policy interest of the United States,” the notice also states.
This would be FAA’s renewed request to the Office of Management and Budget. Notice of the first request was published in the Sept. 9 Federal Register this year, and it also listed the number of respondents at “approximately 1 applicant.”
This would coincide with an estimated timetable suggested in July after FAA approved SpaceX’s proposal when the federal agency issued its Record of Decision, a critical step that paved the way for building a launch site.

Emma Perez- Trevino