A bath in exchange for a good cause. Pet owners who pamper their pups tomorrow with a spa day at South Bark Grooming will benefit shelter animals in Port Isabel.

South Bark Grooming is hosting a Splash-a-thon animal fundraiser tomorrow at its Laguna Vista location.

Bath prices include $15 for small dogs, $25 for medium dogs, $35 for large dogs and $45 for extra large dogs. All baths will include a nail trim and ear cleaning.

According to South Bark Grooming owner Vicki Moreno, 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Laguna Madre Humane Society and the Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter in Port Isabel.

“ I know the shelters around here need all of the extra help they can get,” Moreno said. “So, I hope we have a really great turnout and can donate a lot of money to the shelters.”

According to Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter Assistant Director and South Bark Grooming employee Lexus Martinez, the shelter takes care of about 700 animals every year and is a no-termination date facility.

“ We don’t give the animals a time limit for how long they can stay here,” Martinez explained. “A big reason we’re able to do that is because of the work we do with the Laguna Madre Humane Society.”

The Laguna Madre Humane Society helps transport dozens of the shelter’s animals to rescue organizations in Denver on a monthly basis.

One of the big projects the Isabel Y. Garcia Animal Shelter is looking to do this year is to create more fundraisers to remodel the facility.

“ The building was built in 1994 so with age, there is always work to be done so we’re going to get into a lot more fundraising to make this place more comfortable for the animals,” Martinez explained.