NOVEMBER 12, 2016


For the first time, the City of Brownsville, along with Brownsville Metro, Metro Connect, Metro McAllen and Island Metro, unveiled a one of a kind video to promote public transportation.  “The people that been using Metro Connect services, basically have been by word of mouth. They’ve just heard it from some of the people. This is our first campaign to actually advertise the service,” said Brownsville Transit Director Norma Zamora.

Since it was first rolled out onto the streets in 2013, more than 370,000 people have taken a Metro Connect bus. Right now, more than 400 people a day ride the buses. That number is expected to rise as the Rio Grande Valley population continues to steadily rise. “There’s people needing to get across the valley for work purposes, for shopping purposes. We’ve got the Mexican nationals coming across wanting to get to McAllen, wanting to the outlets, to Brownsville, South Padre and so we want to facilitate that for them,” said McAllen Transit Director Mario Delgado.

Aside from advertisement, which has been funded by the Texas Department of Transportation, Metro Connect is planning to purchase bigger buses. “We’re gonna get 40 foot buses that are gonna fit, you know, 42, 43 people and so that’ll help increase the capacity that we see that there’s an increase in demand,” said Delgado. Riders in Brownsville can take the red line west with stops in Harlingen, Mercedes and ending in McAllen.

For anyone headed north to Edinburg, the green line would be their transfer. Riders headed to South Padre Island can take the blue line east from Brownsville.