Port Isabel and South Padre Island are experiencing an influx of growth – from residential to business development and the like.
Major Joe E. Vega said such growth has been occurring now for the past few years. More recently, Marta Paez of Paez Development Group is developing Las Joyas Subdivision, “which is bringing a lot of excitement into Port Isabel, “ Vega said of the community to be housed near the high school off Hwy 100.
“It’s going to be a beautiful subdivision, and it’s going to be a nice added piece to our community,” he added. “That … will also bring a little growth to our community.”
There’s also a storage facility setting up shop in Port Isabel. The mayor attributes much of this growth to the attractions in the area. Vega noted that the Laguna Madre Bay, “one of the most beautiful natural resources we have,” is one such scenic destination that appeals to developers, business prospects and consumers alike.
He also cited historical and tourist locations in the area as well as “nice waterfront dining.” Further noting that there are “many things attributed to this growth.”
Then there’s SpaceX, the commercial launch facility to be located at Boca Chica Beach in neighboring Brownsville. In fact, additional growth is expected in the Laguna Madre area thanks to SpaceX.
The facility’s proximity to the Port Isabel and South Padre Island area could also bring tourism, according to Vega.
Port Isabel and the Island are close enough for spectators to get a view of the launches as many were anticipating local hotels to benefit as much. “What I understand is that, at the other facilities when they do rocket launches, it attracts 10,000 spectators at a time,” said Vega, adding, “We’re hoping we will get the same response down here…”
Vega said that not only will the facility bring economic opportunities to the community, but educational opportunities as well.

Jacob Lopez