The project will protect a variety of rare habitats on the island, most critically, nearly 22 acres of algal and cyanobacteria intertidal flats which provide some of the highest primary productivity for the island and provide feeding, breeding, and nursery grounds for a great variety of fish, shellfish, birds, and other wildlife. The conservation lands also include:

2 acres of brackish pond
6 acres of Black Mangrove forest
5 acres of wind-tidal flats
5 acres of cyanobacteria habitat (algal flats)
4 acres of mud and sand flats
5 acres of estuarine/intertidal wetlands


The public access, recreation and education improvements include:

Elevated boardwalk connecting the existing causeway trail network from the Nature center
Educational signage covering coastal habitat and conservation
One kayak launch
Birding/Fishing Platform
Observation/University Education Deck
2 Parking Areas

The project is complimentary to the adjoining Sea Turtle Inc. facility, Ocean Trust Native Plant Center and the SPI Birding & Nature Center. Taken together, these “environmental education” facilities preserve more than 200 acres of Laguna Madre-fronting lands and will provide great eco-tourism, education and public access facilities for the community and visitors. The City has obtained documentation of willing sellers for the five parcels proposed for acquisition.

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