The SPI Shoreline Task Force reviewed two beach permits in its Dec. 2 meeting. The  first was a Beach-Dune Permit for walkover construction at the Marisol Condominiums, 1700 Gulf Blvd. The project involves construction a 5-foot wide by 3-foot long dune walk over in an existing beach access path. An existing wooden plank walkway and concrete stairs are also to be removed as a part of the project with the applicant mitigating for 105 square feet of adverse effects to dune vegetation.
“The walkover itself will be minimal impact on the dune system because it’s actually going to where the current pathway from the retaining wall to the public beach exists,” stated Shoreline Management Director Brandon Hill. “This has gone before the GLO (Texas General Land Office) and was approved under the conditions that the City lets the GLO know when the permit has been granted, that the mitigation is done one to one, (and) that the building itself is followed to the “T” with what’s being approved here,” he added. The permit was unanimously approved by the Task Force for recommendation to the City Council.
The second permit reviewed by the Task Force involved the construction of a new retaining wall at the Marriot Property, 6700 Padre Blvd. “The wall itself will originate where a current wall is already ending and will go across the extent of the owner’s property and proceed to go back into the property where that wall is actually going to continue the length of that property,’ said Hill.
Task Force member Rob Nixon raised the concern about a gap in the area between the Marriot and the neighboring property, Clayton’s Beach Bar. “I am concerned about that because that’s just a funnel for amplifying wave energy in case we have a big tidal surge and would cause both walls to probably be scoured and compromised., said Nixon.
He added that in a conversation with Clayton Brashear, he learned that this is the same area where Clayton’s wants to place the landing for a pier. Nixon asked Brashear, owner of Clayton’s Beach Bar, who was present at the meeting, to address the Task Force about the issue.
“I have a wall permit on this line (pointing to a map of the property) ready to go across my property which we did some work – continuing to some work with. “we’re going to go right across here, but I could not do my application. We didn’t make our application because we needed the Marriot to figure out what they were going to do first,” Brashear explained. “I need this to be approved so that I can submit to you all our application,” he added.
Nixon also raided the concern to Hill about the lack of specific details in the application regarding mitigation. “Would a map showing the placement of the material and mitigation plan assist them in their application (to the GLO)? Very likely, but I don’t know that it’s for us to determine if they can move forward without that, but that’s up to you guys,” explained Hill.
“Something I might suggest if we want to not hamper this project from proceeding is (to) give the staff recommendation that this be moved forward to the GLO upon receipt of a mitigation plan, and then let he GLO take a look at it, write their recommendations, and then I will still come before you all one more time to go to City Council to get that mitigation plan approved,” Hill suggested.
“I’d like to see the thing move forward and not hold it up while we sit and wait for a mitigation plan that’s being prepared for or review,” commented Task Force Chair Troy Giles. Council agreed with Hill’s suggestion and unanimously approved the recommendation to submit the plan from the City to the GLO upon receipt of the applicant’s mitigation plan.

By- Kevin Rich