Ever had a long day at the beach and trouble finding a restroom?

The search for quick, accessible facilities just got easier for beachgoers and visitors along Gulf Boulevard.

The city of South Padre Island recently added 20 portable restrooms to nine city beach accesses as part of a pilot program while the city works toward long-term solutions.

All units are handicap accessible and will be cleaned daily.

The total cost of the temporary facilities is approximately $15,214 per month.

The portable restrooms will be in place for approximately one year.

Shoreline Management Director Brandon Hill explained that the idea of the pilot program stemmed from community feedback.

“The SPI community has been pointing out for some time that one of the things we’re missing at a lot of our beach accesses are restroom facilities,” Hill said, “We have 27 public beach accesses within the city limits and only two of them have permanent restroom facilities, so that’s something we know we’ve been lacking as a city.”

According to Hill, the pilot program will help determine the best solutions for future and permanent restroom amenities.

“We hope to learn where permanent restroom facilities would be best received so by putting these out here, we’re getting a lot of feedback.”

Currently, the portable restrooms look like regular facilities.

However, the city plans to enhance the portable restrooms’ Island aesthetic with a custom surfboard façade by the summer.

“We want to make sure when people come to the beach, they have everything they need and can spend as long as they want here,” Hill said. “This is just a small thing that we can do to help our beachgoers enjoy their time more.”

Alana Hernandez