Pelicans, ducks, and butterflies have arrived for the winter. Take a close look at the pelicans swimming in the Laguna Madre. Compare these white pelicans to the brown pelicans. Look at the difference in their size. White and brown pelicans also differ in coloration and their feeding methods. While you are at the birding center, take the time to walk out to blind four for a better look at the ducks in Laguna Madre. Each year nearly 80 percent of redhead ducks migrate to the Laguna Madre area. Recently, pintails were sighted, and other ducks will soon arrive for the winter. Other birds are arriving in the RGV each week. Join one of our bird talks to learn more about our winter migrants. Butterflies have also returned to SPI. When the sun is shining, take time to a look for a variety of butterflies in the gardens near the water features and in the butterfly garden.