The summer holidays have always been our favorite, providing carefree adventures and no stressful accompaniments. The only shopping we have to do is for food and beverage and most of the entertaining we do can be outside, ensuring that clean up after is simple! Of course, because these wonderful days of celebration do take place in the middle of summer, many of our favorite people take advantage of the extra paid day off by taking their annual vacation at the same time. Heading to the beach, to enjoy long days of sun, sand, and surf, is one of the best ways we can think of to spend a beautiful vacation and if your July 4th journey brings you to the shores of South Padre Island, we at Franke Realty are here to help ensure your celebration of the most patriotic holiday of all is filled with fun and excitement, with this guide to 4th of July on South Padre Island! 

Celebrate This Upcoming 4th Of July In South Padre Island

The best way to start a day filled with fun, sun, and surf, is with a hearty breakfast and on America’s birthday, some patriotic pancakes may be the meal of the day! What makes pancakes patriotic, you ask? After all, pancakes were first created all the way back in Ancient Greece, sometime around 600 BC. The answer is simple; you make these light and fluffy medallions of sweet goodness all-American by ordering them topped with red berries, white whipped cream, and blue berries! If you need a little protein to sustain you, however, the Grapevine Café knows what we like and their American Classics menu provides all the eggs, meats, and even biscuits and gravy we all love to devour! 

South Padre Island Beach Parade, July 4th Beach Access #21, Goodhope Circle

The small town parade is rapidly becoming a thing of the past but not on South Padre Island. Starting at 10 am and offering a unique twist to a parade by first taking place on the beach and second by inviting EVERYONE to attend! Dress in your favorite red, white, and blue clothing (shorts, tees, swimsuits, anything goes as long as the important parts are covered!) bring a flag (you can purchase a flag at the local convenience stores, if you didn’t bring your own) and if you happen to like dogs, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to boop as many noses as you like, as many participants bring their own dogs to this family and pet friendly event! 

The Fireworks Capital of Texas

Now that we have gotten past the early hours of the day, it is time to get to our absolute favorite part of the day, the fireworks display. And yes, South Padre Island has been named the Fireworks Capital of Texas and there is no better time to discover why than on Independence Day! Starting with 4th of July Fireworks Over the Bay at 9:15, the night sky comes to life with an incredible display of color and explosions, with the bay in question being the Laguna Madre Bay. For this spectacular event, the best seats in the house can be found at Louie’s Backyard, a local restaurant and hot spot located at 2305 Laguna Boulevard. The Entertainment District also offers multiple spots to watch the fireworks as you dine, drink, and play, including Tequila Sunset Bar & Grill (200 W Pike Street) and LongBoard Bar & Grill (205 W Palm Street.) Both places offer amazing drinks and plenty of outdoor seating for watching the show in the sky! Wherever you go to watch the fireworks, we can promise there will be oohs, ahhs, and sighs of delight as the sky turns a kaleidoscope of fiery colors, giving guests a show they will remember for the rest of their lives! 

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Home is Where the Heart Is

Although our Franke Realty holiday havens are not the homes you call your own, for the duration of your stay for the 4th of July on South Padre Island, they will provide comfort, style, and a fantastic place to celebrate this special day! Offering air conditioning (something you will find is very welcomed during the long days of summer!) and a classic beach style that welcomes each guest, your celebrations will take on a distinctly Texas style! Rent a home with a pool and plan a pool party on this beautiful day in July, barbecuing hamburgers, hot dogs, or steaks and ribs on shiny grills, swimming, listening to your favorite music streaming easily thanks to high speed internet, and quite possibly, watching fireworks from the comfy loungers in the backyard! We can’t promise that every home offers views of the officially sanctioned fireworks and we can’t guarantee that you will witness some neighborhood displays, but we can say there is a good chance of either or both! Reserve your favorite home sweet vacation home today!