Selling parking spaces means big bucks for local organizations.

The South Padre Island Convention Centre partnered with three local nonprofits, Friends of Animal Rescue, Sea Turtle, Inc., and the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, to help them earn close to $35,000 during Texas Week of Spring Break 2017.

Sherry Pindard, director of operations for Friends of Animal Rescue said, “Our furry friends say thank you for the opportunity to make some much needed money over Spring Break. A huge thank you to the city staff as they made our job easy.”

The City of South Padre Island granted the three groups access to the City’s Convention Centre parking lots, which have 360 parking spaces.

The three groups managed the parking lots from March 14 to 18.

The three organizations charged visitors $10 to park in the lots.

“We are pleased to have been able to partner with our local nonprofits to provide this important service for our visitors,” said City Manager Susan Guthrie. “It’s a win-win partnership.”