It was a normal day on the beach, except for the eel and small fish dead on some parts of the shore. Not even that stopped people from taking a stroll on the sand, dipping their toes in the water or sitting in a beach chair under the hot sun. They’re not alone in continuing their enjoyment of the Gulf of Mexico in what appears so far as a milder case of red tide still hovering a ways off the shoreline.
Yummies Bistro owner Ernie Del Rio said the red tide that rolled in earlier this week has not made a big difference on the Island so far. He said of the many customers who have dined in, only a few people have complained about the red tide bothering them. “People should enjoy the beach and be prepared if something does happen,” said Tony Reisinger, county extension agent-coastal and marine resources, Texas Sea Grant and Texas Agrilife’s extension service. “Red tide is something that we have to learn to live with it now.”

By RAUL GARCIA Staff Writer