The Fourth of July started off with the raising of the American flag and pledge of allegiance at the Coast Guard Station early in the morning. People at the campground at Isla Blanca Park saluted the flag while the Coast Guard played the national anthem.
And as the morning got started, Island residents and visitors from far and wide made their way for a quick breakfast before heading out to the annual Independence Day parade on the beach.
“It was a real kick to see everyone so happy on Independence Day,” said Patty Zimmerman, an Island resident. “The parade is a family event and it’s enjoyable every year.” More than 100 people dressed in red, white and blue gathered on the beach. The parade participants jockeyed for space in the procession that started at beach Access 21 at 9:30 a.m. With a bullhorn in her hand, Parks and Recreation Director Mary Kay Hancock welcomed the participants at the Island’s annual parade and thanked them for being there to celebrate Independence Day once again.

By RAUL GARCIA Staff writer