OCTOBER 13, 2016


When considering locations for its upcoming 2016 Open Water Festival slated for November, Open Water Planet (OWP) took into account the water quality standards, eco tourism and beach-cleaning efforts of the possible host spots on its list.
The team discovered that South Padre Island, Texas met all of this race criteria in spades, while offering so much more to race goers and spectators alike. Not only is the locale a picturesque setting of sunshine and ocean, but the supportive sporting community will no doubt make racers feel they are truly a part of something special.
OWP Chief Operations Director, Casey Taker says, ‘What we look for when considering new locations are full safety support, clean water and great race venues for all of our different divisions. South Padre has all that. But getting to know the community and all the active lifestyle opportunities available here have really opened our eyes to this being something really special. With activities such as parasailing, fishing, kite boarding, paddle boarding, skydiving and flyboarding, as well as such a welcoming active community, it was a no-brainer for our event to take place on South Padre Island.
South Padre Island Business Development Director Michael Flores says of the exciting event, “I immediately jumped at the opportunity to bid for a 2016 Open Water Festival.  They have truly been a worthwhile return on investment and it is only year one!   Casey Taker and the OWP staff are immaculate professionals, are expert liaisons between attendees and their host city, and have a fiery passion for open water education and sustainment.
As a city event developer I can very comfortably say Open Water Planet is the perfect balance of fun, education and business generation.  We have thrilled at the option to host them for three back to back years and are very confident in OWP’s ability to grow attendance year after year.   South Padre Island plans to keep this event on our sunny and sandy shores at all costs!”
Come see what all the South Padre Island buzz is about by pursuing your next open water swimming challenge with the inaugural Open Water Festival slated for November 4th and 5th. Register at  www.SouthPadreSwim.com.
Courtesy of Open Water Planet, a SwimSwam Partner.