Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island has found 19 nests as of June 16. Once a nest is laid, the estimated date of hatching is anywhere from 48 to 62 days after. But, only th ehatchlings can decide when they are ready to go! Not all hatchlings are open to the public. Hatchlings can only be released when they are in an active state (known asa a “frenzy”).

When the hatchlings frenzy is in the middle of the night, they will be released up the beach by trained staff members. Night releases are not open to the public.

Hatchling releases are open to the public when hatchlings frenzy in the early hours of the morning. Public hatchling releases are held at 6:30 am  at County Beach Access No. 3 located just south of The Shores Master Planned Community and the Franke, Realtors office.

For those who are coming to town specifically to see a hatchling release, please select a range of dates where several nests are due to hatch. This will increase the chances of seeing an early morning release.

To stay informed on nest activity and hatchling releases check Sea Turtle Inc’s website for updates. Even better, become a member. Members get text messages and email notifications for hatchling and rehabilitated turtle releases. Stay tuned to Franke, Realtors website under Events for updated release dates. When planning your next visit to see a hatchling or rehabilitated release check with Franke, Realtors for special vacation rental rates for the entire family.