South Padre Island’s tourism team is joining with regional airports in a multiyear partnership to market the Island to take advantage of increasing numbers of non-stop flights to the Valley from big American cities.

The South Padre Island Convention and Visitors Bureau announced Wednesday shared marketing buys featuring the CVB and Valley International Airport and Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport.

“Today, more and more folks are looking at vacation trips online. The legacy carriers still have their online vacation booking engine, others, like Frontier Airlines, partner with larger distributor sites like Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, etc., to ‘bundle’ the airfare with a local hotel to offer a package at a particular destination,” said Jose Mulet, director of air service and business development at Valley International. “The SPI team is just taking advantage of the millions out there that are browsing for a place to vacation at.”

The online advertising appears aimed to capitalizeon increasing numbers of direct flights to the Valley now available from Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Dallas and Houston.

“SPI and VIA are joined at the hip,” said Marv Esterly, director of aviation at Valley International. “The success of one is a true benefit for the other. Our partnership is a winwin situation for all involved including the citizens of the entire RGV.

Rick Kelley