The City of Port Isabel has begun its planned maintenance for the Lighthouse and Keeper’s Cottage, which will include repainting the buildings’ exteriors and repairing the staircases.
“The Lighthouse will receive a total restoration in and out,” said City Manager Edward Meza. “Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) will repair the exterior railing on the top and any metal parts holding the glass and the roof.” He added that TPWD will also patch and paint the structure’s exterior white walls. “Interior work will include patching and repainting the interior walls, repairing the metal staircase and ladder, replacing any rotting wood and repainting,” he said.
Meza noted that the interior and exterior of the Keeper’s Cottage will also be renovated. The current restoration work will be part of an ongoing maintenance plan that will be provided by TPWD, Meza said.
The Keeper’s Cottage will remain closed for the next four to six months until renovations are completed. The Lighthouse will be open until TPWD requires the City to close it. Meza said the public will be informed of that decision when it is made. Informational signage has already been placed on-site to inform the public about the renovations.
A walking tour brochure has been made available for the public to use while walking around the sidewalk, outside the work area. The brochure will inform visitors of the Lighthouse’s history, the square, and other historical sites in the area, Meza said.
The Port Isabel Chamber of Commerce, which currently operates out of the Cottage, has relocated to a temporary location next to Treasures of the Gulf Museum at 302 Queen Isabella Highway.