Another U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is coming to the Port of Brownsville for dismantling.
The U.S. Navy announced Friday that it has awarded the contract to ESCO Marine for one penny to dismantle the USS Saratoga.
The aircraft carrier is currently housed at the Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island. It is expected to depart this summer and be towed to Brownsville.
The USS Saratoga was decommissioned Sept. 30, 1994, after more than 30 years of service, the U.S. Navy stated in a press release.
Although the Navy tried to donate the ship to a state or non-profit organization for public display or to be used as a museum, no “viable” applications were received.
Navy officials said they had no choice but to put out bids to have the aircraft carrier dismantled.
This is the second ship to be towed to Brownsville to be dismantled in recent months. Earlier this year, the USS Forrestal was arrived in February for disposal by All Star Metals. Officials expect it will take about 18 months to dismantle this ship.
A contract is pending for the dismantling of a third ship, the USS Constellation. If approved, this ship would dismantled by International Shipbreaking Ltd., officials said.


By LAURA B. MARTINEZ The Brownsville Herald