For most involved, it is not just a fundraising effort for those battling breast cancer — it is a coming together of the community.

That’s how Cheryl Hill, the event’s coordinator, describes it.

This weekend will be full of activities, two that raise funds and a third that raises awareness for breast cancer.

“This is a cause that touches just about everybody,” Hill says about breast cancer. “This is a really great gathering of people that make Walk for Women. We are just part of a big community.”

That community comes together in a big way. Over the years, the organization has raised more than $300,000 and has given to more than 60 Valley women and their families.

It also has contributed $50,000 to the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation for mammograms.

Early in its 14-year history, some of the money also went to $14,500 to the Carolyn Fund for prosthesis, Baylor and MD Anderson.

The key to it all, helping those battling breast cancer right here in the Lower Rio Grande Valley area.

Hill says she wants to make sure those fighting breast cancer don’t have to choose between groceries or electricity versus paying a medical deductible.

“When it started, it was a friend of ours who had breast cancer and was in dire financial straights,” Hill said. “We rallied the community and held a fundraiser. That was 14 years ago. This is really a labor of love with a lot of people committed.”

The weekend will open with a casino night, Friday, at Louie’s Backyard. The event includes a live auction with fabulous items.

Then, Saturday, there will be the always-fun fishing tournament. Both of those are fundraising events along with personal donations as well as the sale of merchandise and more.

Sunday will end with the free Walk for Women. That is to honor those fighting the battle and is a remembrance of those who have lost their battle.

Hill, who has been involved with the Walk for Women event for the past eight years, said she expects to raise $60,000 to $70,000 this year.

Proceeds from other events throughout the year also are given to the Walk for Women organization, something Hill said she is extremely proud of and happy about.

“It is so rewarding when we give a check to someone and you can see the load that it lightens for that person,” she said. “That is what makes it all worthwhile.”