Whether you have been seeking an idyllic vacation home located on the beaches of South Padre Island or you are on the hunt for your forever home in the same areas, your first steps may have been trying to wade through a sea of listings on popular websites. Vacation property sites will try to show the best side of the least desirable properties and real estate websites may be a little more complicated to figure out, so your second step may involve choosing a realtor and realty company that can guide you in the direction of making your dreams come true. And that is where Franke Realty comes into the picture! Since 1956 we have been matchmaking people with their dream homes and our passion is making you happy! For over 60 years we have given our all so that our clients can have it all. This guide to what sets us apart from all the other Texas real estate companies will help you find the home, be it a temporary vacation escape or a permanent family home, you have always dreamed about! 

What Sets Franke Realty Apart From Other Real Estate Companies

South Padre Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world and we don’t just work here, we play, we live, and we love here, as well as taking a key position in the development of our little piece of paradise! Too many islands end up being overrun with people, homes, and businesses and we work hard to create a balance that provides all the modern conveniences of the real world with the magic of island life. Vacationers will enjoy feeling as if they are the only people on the island while still being able to experience high speed internet that rarely glitches. Homeowners will know the joy of stopping by D Pizza Joint on a Friday night and devouring tasty pies while listening to their favorite music; and still be able to go home to the beach and also feel like they are on their own private island! It’s a tricky tightrope we walk, balancing convenience with the simple purities of island life, but we love our clients and we work hard to give them everything they want and need! Providing luxury, style, and homes that welcome, your Texas vacation will reach new heights of wonderful when you choose to vacation in one of our homes and your forever will shine that much brighter when you buy one of our luxury escapes!

A Peek at Our Homes

We can talk about ourselves all day long, but the proof of how we stand out shows in our homes. The homes we sell, located exactly where you want to be on South Padre Island, are priced right and built to last. Choose a family home in a neighborhood filled with kids, a beachfront cottage that will bring your family peace forevermore, or a townhome in the middle of the island, close to shops, restaurants, and entertainment. Every night at home will be better than any night on the town, simply because we found you the home that fits your family like a fine leather glove. Vacationers can be assured that the property they temporarily make their own will offer comfort in the furnishings, modern conveniences in the electronics and appliances, and a style that is uniquely Texas. Condos on the beach will provide views you will never want to close your eyes to, Bay Front homes will give peace and respite to those who reside within, and although our Inner Island properties may not be located on the gorgeous beaches that make South Padre Island so desirable, many of our private homes will feature private pools and hot tubs, ensuring that you too can enjoy water adventures during your time in the sun! Either way, you can spend your days enjoying all the wonders that South Padre Island has to offer and come home to quiet luxuries every night.  

Working Hard to Earn Your Trust

When you want to stand out, you must start with earning trust and our integrity and hard work ensures that you will find exactly the space that speaks to your soul. We show up at every appointment we make on your house search and we follow every lead to help you find “the one!” Our vacation rentals are not just stylish and comfortable, they are sparkling clean and filled with all the modern day conveniences that make vacation life run even smoother. We listen to what you want and we don’t stop until we succeed in fulfilling every wish you have! After 60 plus years in the rental and real estate market, we have learned a few things and we love to share some of that knowledge with you! Give us a call today and discover for yourself all the ways Franke Realty stands out in a sea of sameness!